How Online Betting Is Good for You

What Do I Like Betting On?

My favourite sport to bet on is the UFC. I have been following the UFC for nearly 20 years. Well not even the UFC, MMA in general. Back in the days when pride was all the rage and Fedor was the GOAT. Since that time betting online has become alot easier. 20 years ago sportsbooks didn’t really exist. You had to find a real life bookie to place any bets that you wanted. Pretty crazy really. You had to physically go into a place and place your bets. Now you can just sit at home on your phone and bet so easily from your mobile phone or from your computer. It’s fantastic.

I’m not of the opinion that Fedor is the goat, the real goat is anderson silva, he’s the greatest fighter to ever live. He was one of the easiest fighters to make money betting on because he never use to lose. he won 20 fights straight or something crazy and defended the belt when he was the champion 10 times. He still may have the record. How do you not bet on a dude like that? He just always won in devastating fashion.

Why I like betting is because it gives you a rush if you’re betting alot of money which you can’t get from anything else. It’s quite easy to have a lot of fun and I love winning money. It’s just you against the bookie and if you can be a bettor then the bookie then you’ll make money. 100%. if you know more then the bookie then you can beat him and they also give away free bonus bets for you to bet with to see if you like it or not. Which makes alot of sense because betting is 1 on 1. It’s essentially like a fight. You just sign up to one of these betting sites. Before you do make sure you know what you’re betting on and that you’re confident.

What’s your best sport to bet on?

I know what I love to bet on but do you? Do you have alot of knowledge on one particular sport? Then that’s the one you should be betting on. 100%. Just do that. Much easier then betting on something you have no idea about. That’s how you lose money. I’m trying to be a professional bettor not a homeless bum. I just want to make the easiest money on the planet which I believe betting is especially because no one comes close to my MMA and UFC knowledge. No bookie comes close to my knowledge on the sport and when they take bets from me they should know their going to lose their damn money.

One day and I’m almost there because i’m really close right now, but I’ll be at the top and known as the greatest MMA gambler of all time. I love gambling and I want to be damn good at it. So if you think you can take me on in a MMA betting contest and you think you can out gamble me comment below and we can go head to head!

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